HOW TO: Roll Sushi

Step 1

Place a nori sheet at the bottom of the sushi mat and place the sushi rice on top. The smooth side should be facing down.

Step 2

Dampen your fingers with vinegar water and spread the rice in a thin layer on the nori sheet. Leave a margin of 1-2 cm on the upper long side.

Step 3

Spread some wasabi paste in the middle with your finger and place the other ingredients in a line at the bottom of the rice.

Step 4

Slide your thumbs under the mat and hold the filling with your other fingers. Roll the seaweed sheet away from you until the rice is rolled up.

Step 5

Moisten the exposed part of the nori sheet with a little water, roll it up to the end and press it firmly but carefully together.

Step 6

Place the finished roll seam side down on a board and cut into bites. Your sushi roll is ready!

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