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Say goodbye to burnt rice at the bottom of your saucepan and treat yourself to some comfort when it comes to cooking rice.

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„A litte bit of Sadri in my life
A litte bit of Basmati by my side
A litte bit of Jasmin is all I need“

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Rediscover rice!


Cooking rice has never been easier. Add to that the chance to steam vegetables at the same time and hey presto. I should have bought one of these years ago!


London, UK


I never thought I was a slouch at boiling up some rice in a pan, but rice cookers have revolutionised my kitchen experience, and this model is easy to use but offers a variety of settings and, for 2 of us, is perfectly sized for 2 healthy portions and some leftovers too. It also steams vegetables quickly and effectively. If you are undecided, give it a go - you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

John M.

Edinburgh, Scotland


Love this steamer, it's great to use, can make lovely baos in it and great for veggies too. I have even used the mesh sheets as a seive insert to rinse quinoa that was smaller than seive holes, very useful and versatile! Great value.


Exeter, UK


Quick delivery, easy to use, different settings to choose from with a timer and warming function with up to 24hrs! The rice came out fluffy and delicious and can even do steamed vegetables, fish and cake with it. Would definitely recommend it, its definitely worth the price.


London, UK

Why rice?

#1 Rice is the most popular commodity in the world

Still, 90% of all rice is consumed in Asia. That's why we want to spread our love for rice all over the world!

#2 There are over 100,000 varieties of rice worldwide.

We don't offer quite that many, but our 22 rice varieties are definitely worth a look.

#3 Preparing rice is quick & easy

Unlike cooking in a saucepan, you can hardly go wrong with a rice cooker. Perfect rice at the touch of a button.

Endless possibilities.

Find out what you can prepare with your digital rice cooker

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