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Product Questions

Rice should always be washed before cooking. This way any remaining impurities are removed. But washing will also improve taste and texture. When you wash rice you will find that the water turns murky due to the starch being washed off. We recommend doing this 2-3 times. This way you avoid overly sticky rice.

If you are using one of our digital rice cookers, we recommend: Rice-water in a ratio of 1 : 1.25 for white rice and 1 : 1.75 for wholegrain a.k.a. brown rice.
In a regular pot the ratios are 1 : 1.5 for white rice and 1 : 2 for wholegrain rice.

You can find more detailed information about perfect cooking ratios for different kinds of rice here: How much water do you need for perfect rice?

Yes, of course. You can find the manuals here.

Digital Rice Cooker

Mini Digital Rice Cooker

Basic Rice Cooker

You don't need a rice cooker to cook rice. A rice cooker has many benefits though. A few are listed here:

- Better quality results: texture and consistency of the rice is better.

- You don't have to pay attention: Once you switch it on you can easily go prepare other parts of your dinner, go for a run or watch a movie. The rice will be perfect and kept warm.

- Ease of use: perfect rice at the touch of a button

- Special functions for different kinds of rice e.g. sushi or if you want crispy rice for a thadig.

Don't take our word for it Trust those who love and eat rice the most! In countries like China, Thailand, Japan and Korea, rice cookers are the norm, not the exception.

You can steam vegetables of other food like fish in your rice cooker with or without rice beeing cooked at the same time.

If you want to steam food without rice, we recommend filling the water to the same height as you stacked food in the steamer inlay. I.e. if you stack 2 cm of food in the steamer inlay, then you should fill about 2 cm of water in the pot.

If you would like to steam food while cooking rice, just use the same amount of rice and water as you usually do.

- Remember to wash your rice before cooking thoroughly.

- Grease the inner pot: Try rubbing some butter or olive oil on the inner pot to reduce rice sticking to the pot.

- Cook at least 150g of rice.

If these tips don't help, then please contact us. Perhaps there is a malfunction of the rice cooker. In this case we will, of course, exchange your product.