How to use a rice cooker

How to use a rice cooker

The best way to cook rice is using a rice cooker. With it, you always have perfectly cooked rice quickly and easily. Mushy or burnt rice belongs to the past with a rice cooker. We show you how a rice cooker works and what you should bear in mind when cooking rice in a rice cooker.

Perfectly cooked rice - thanks to the rice cooker

Intuitive operation

Although rice cookers are technically quite sophisticated, they are very easy to operate. Both simple basic rice cookers and digital rice cookers are designed so that anyone can understand the functions straight away. That’s how to cook the perfect rice in no time at all.

Cooking Rice in the Digital Rice Cooker

The digital rice cooker is an all-rounder in the kitchen. In contrast to cooking in a pot, you can hardly do anything wrong with a rice cooker. Thanks to the good heat distribution, which is adapted to each type of rice, your rice is always cooked perfectly and burning is impossible. And not only rice can be prepared in the digital rice cooker: Vegetables and fish can be easily and gently cooked in the steamer insert. A removable inner pot also makes cleaning very easy.

Step by step: General operation

How to: Cooking rice in the digital rice cooker

For 2 people you need about a teacup of rice (approx. 200 g).

  1. We recommend washing the rice 2-3 times before cooking until the water remains clear.
  2. After that put the rice with water in a certain ratio and a pinch of salt into the inner pot of the rice cooker. Whole grain rice varieties need a little more water.
  3. Now close the lid and turn on the device in the appropriate mode.
  4. The Digital Rice Cooker will tell you when it's ready and keep your rice warm and fresh for up to 24 hours.
  5. Allow the cooked rice to steam briefly, then loosen it with a rice spoon and serve.

Special features of rice cookers

Microwave rice cooker

Cooking rice in the microwave? It's possible - and it tastes great. A specially developed steam circulation system in the microwave rice cooker ensures evenly and gently steamed rice. Preparing rice in the microwave rice cooker is extremely easy and the rice is ready to serve after about 11 minutes. Just put rice and water in the rice cooker, put it in the microwave and the rice is ready. With the microwave rice cooker you get always fresh and perfectly cooked rice – both at home and on the road.

Basic rice cooker

Electric rice cookerss are often switched on and off with only one Button. With our basic rice cooker, you switch to cooking mode with pushing the button by switching to "cook". When the rice is ready, the rice cooker automatically switches to keep warm mode. You can cook up to 6 portions of rice with the basic rice cooker and keep it warm for up to 8 hours if needed. With the steam insert, vegetables, fish or meat can also be easily cooked.

Digital rice cooker

Digital rice cookers are characterized by a digital display and the choice of different modes. This allows you to set the right setting for the selected rice. Select the appropriate program via the "Mode" button and refine the cooking settings with the "Fine" button or adjust the cooking time manually. To start the cooking process, hold the "Start" button for about two seconds. Moreover, our digital rice cooker can prepare not only rice: Bulgur, quinoa and other grains are cooked perfectly as well.

Our Digital Rice Cooker has a capacity of 1.5 liters - it can cook up to 8 servings of rice. Moreover, it is even possible to prepare soups, one pot pasta, Persian tahdig or cakes in the Digital Rice Cooker. A true all-rounder!

Mini Digital Rice Cooker

Our Mini Digital Rice Cooker is perfect especially for single households, couples and people who need rather smaller portions of rice. It can be used to cook up to 3 servings of rice. It is also very space-saving and comes in 6 different colours: a real eye-catcher in any kitchen.

How does a digital rice cooker work?

After you have washed the rice and put it in the rice cooker with the right amount of water, closed the lid and selected the right mode, you can sit back and relax. But what actually happens in your digital rice cooker during this time?

What happens during preparation in the digital rice cooker

While you can now turn your attention to other things, the rice cooker cooks your favorite rice fully automatically. Standard rice cookers cook at a constant operating temperature of 100 °C until all the water has been absorbed by the rice or has evaporated. Our Digital Rice Cookers feature 7-phase cooking technology designed specifically for rice, guaranteeing gentle preparation and perfectly cooked rice. After cooking, they go directly into a keep-warm mode.

7-Phase Cooking Technology

  1. Preheating stage: The digital rice cooker gently raises the temperature step-by-step to 50°C.
  2. Water absorption stage: When a temperature of approx. 60 °C is reached, the rice begins to absorb water. This stage ends at 80°C.
  3. Heating stage: Once the rice absorbs the water, the digital rice cooker begins to heat up and bringing the water to a boil at 85°C.
  4. Cooking stage: Now the rice is cooks at a maximum temperature of 100°C until it’s done.
  5. Nutrient absorption stage: When the rice is ready, the rice cooker lowers the temperature to 90°C. This is the ideal temperature for the rice to be cooked because then he is able to reabsorb valuable nutrients from the water and seal them in the grain.
  6. Loosening stage: The digital rice cooker heats the temperature again for a short moment so that excess water can evaporate, and the rice becomes nice and fluffy.
  7. Keeping warm stage: Once the water has completely evaporated, the rice cooker automatically switches to “keep warm” mode, ensuring the temperature of the rice stays at 65°C.


Different types of rice in the rice cooker

The grain makes the difference

You can basically cook almost all types of rice in a rice cooker. In any case, it is important to note that the amount of water and the cooking time depend on the type of rice. There are differences depending on the type of rice and the rice cooker. In our examples, we refer to the ratio and preparation in the digital rice cooker. However, some types of rice require a specific preparation in the rice cooker to develop the special quality and flavour.

Basmati rice & jasmine rice in the rice cooker

Cook basmati rice or jasmine rice in the rice cooker? No problem! For preparation, it is important to wash the rice before cooking. To do this, place the rice in the inner pot of the digital rice cooker and add water. Using circular motions, wash the rice 2-3 times gently until the water remains clear. Then pour off the water. By the way, this is even easier with a rice washing bowl - it has a small strainer for pouring, which prevents basmati or jasmine rice from ending up in the sink. Then put the rice in the inner pot with a rice-to-water ratio of 1:1.25 and some salt and start the "White" mode. The rice cooker automatically switches to keep-warm mode after cooking.

Sushi rice in the rice cooker

You can also prepare sushi rice in the rice cooker very easily. Sushi rice is a short grain rice and has a high starch content, which is why the rice is sticky and holds together when rolled. To prepare the rice in the digital rice cooker, wash the sushi rice and then place it in the inner pot. Then add water and a little salt and close the lid. The rice-water ratio is 1:1.25. Then select the “Sushi” mode and start the cooking process. As soon as the cooking program in the rice cooker is finished, a rice vinegar mixture is carefully drawn through the rice. This works best in a hangiri, where the sushi rice can get cold and seasoned. To season, stir together a mixture of rice vinegar, sugar and salt and strain through the cooked sushi rice. After that the perfect sushi rice out of a digital rice cooker is ready!

Sticky rice in the rice cooker

Sticky rice can also be easily prepared in the digital rice cooker. We recommend soaking the rice at least two hours before cooking. This shortens the cooking time. Don't worry, thanks to the non-stick coating in the inner pot, the rice won't stick in the rice cooker. For sticky rice, we use the “Sushi” mode of the digital rice cooker.

Full grain rice in the rice cooker

Yes, brown rice varieties can also be prepared in the rice cooker without any problems. The cooking process takes a little longer than with polished rice varieties. For this reason, we do not recommend preparing rice in a microwave rice cooker, because the cooking time is way longer here. With a rice-water ratio of 1:2, the whole grain rice can be cooked in the “Brown" mode of the digital rice cooker.

Rice-water-ratio in the digital rice cooker

Type of rice Rice Water Mode
Basmati rice 1 1.25 White
Jasmine rice 1 1.25 White
Sushi Rice 1 1.25 Sushi
Sticky rice 1 1.25 Sushi
Black rice 1 2 Brown
Brown rice 1 2 Brown
Red rice 1 2 Brown