The right amount of rice per person

The right amount of rice per person

Too much rice the first time, to little the second time. The question quickly arises: How many grams of rice do I need per person? You don't have to remember that much. The only difference in quantity is whether you want to prepare rice as a main dish or as a side dish. Find out now what the right amount of rice per person is!

Overview: Rice per person (uncooked)

How many grams of rice per person is perfect? For the ideal amount of rice per person, you first need to know whether you want to serve a main dish or a side dish because there are big differences between portion sizes. We base this on the weight in raw state of the rice. The weight of rice changes during cooking because it absorbs water and therefore becomes heavier. A portion of rice also varies slightly depending on how hungry you are.

Rice (raw) One person Two persons Four persons
As a side dish 60 g 120 g 240 g
As a main dish 120 g 240 g 480 g

For a side dish portion, we recommend 60 grams of dry rice per person. If it is the main course, we recommend 100 grams of dry rice per person for a small rice portion and 120 grams for a large rice portion.

Amount of rice for sushi per person (uncooked)

Sushi as a main dish

If you are planning a sushi evening and want to prepare the sushi as a main dish, we recommend about 150 g of rice per person. Depending on the quantity and ingredients you choose, you will get 4-6 Nigiri or 2-3 Maki rolls, from which you can cut approx. 6-8 sushis.

For a Sushi Bowl, we recommend about 100 g rice per portion. Use a little less if you want the rest of the fresh ingredients to predominate.

Rice (raw) One person Two persons Four persons
Sushi 150 g 300 g 600 g
Sushi Bowl 100 g 200 g 400 g

Sushi as a side dish

If you serve other dishes in addition to the sushi, 150 g of rice is enough for two people. The right portion of sushi rice for a side dish is about 75 g per person. This gives you about 2-3 Nigiri or 1-2 long Maki rolls, for 6-8 sushis each.

Fact: The amount of sushi you end up with depends on how thick you fill the rolls and how wide you make the bites.

Rice (raw) One person Two persons Four persons
Sushi 75 g 150 g 300 g

Rice quantity for rice pudding & risotto (uncooked)

Rice pudding and risotto are two rice dishes that are usually served as a main course because they are very filling. It is therefore easy to think that you need way more rice as necessary.

Rice (raw) One person Two persons Four persons
As a side dish 50 g 100 g 200 g
As a main dish 100 g 200 g 400 g

How much rice per person is needed when preparing rice pudding or risotto? If you want to serve either dish as a main course, we recommend 100 g of rice for a generous portion. You know that a smaller portion is enough for you? Then you can of course use a little less. You will often find recipes with 50 - 80 g per portion. Rice pudding or risotto is not always eaten as a pure dish. If you serve a lot of vegetables or fruit with it, or if the dish is eaten as a side dish or dessert, we recommend to use about 50 g per portion.

Tip: If you do have some left over, cold rice pudding is also super tasty!

How much rice is a cup?

What does a "cup" mean?

Your recipe doesn't say how much rice you need in grams, but in cups? No problem! The cup is a unit of measurement for volume from Anglo-American cuisine. It would be quite simple if each of us didn't have different cups in our cupboards.

How many grams is a cup of rice?

Is the espresso cup the right one or rather the coffee mug? If you prefer to convert your recipes exactly, you can also use a measuring cup as a guide. One cup of rice means approx. 100-130 g of rice (uncooked). However, this conversion only applies to rice! Foods with a different volume have a different number of grams. If you want to know exactly, weigh your rice on a scale.

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