The 5 healthiest types of rice

The 5 healthiest types of rice

Rice is particularly rich in complex carbohydrates and nutrients – they fit in a nutritious and conscious diet. This is one of the reasons why rice is one of the most popular staple foods in the world. But which rice is the healthiest? We have compiled the top five healthiest types of rice in the world.

Black rice

Which rice is healthy? All of them! When it comes to nutrients, none of the conventional varieties can beat black rice: the dark grain has a lot of minerals! With a particularly high iron value, it is good for the circulation. Black rice is also rich in protein and trace elements. It also contains an extraordinary number of antioxidants. By the way, black rice is naturally coloured - the colour is in the husk. This also makes it clear: every black rice is also a wholemeal rice. And it is one of the healthiest types of rice.

Taste and use of black rice

Black rice has a nutty aroma with an intense wholemeal flavour. It goes wonderfully with rice pans or salads and is also a real delicacy on its own. When cooked, the rice is very firm to the bite as well as fluffy and adds a special crunch to dishes.

Fun Fact: In China, black rice is also called "Forbidden Rice". Not because it is unhealthy, but because its positive properties meant that it was once reserved for the emperor.

Brown rice

When it comes to the question of which rice is healthy, it is inevitable to talk about brown rice. Some call it brown rice, others wholemeal rice – in the end, both names have the same meaning. Brown rice is very nutritious with its high fibre content and complex carbohydrates provide long-lasting satiety. Wholemeal rice is one of the healthiest types of rice in the world because it is natural. It is untreated and therefore still has the valuable peel, a wafer-thin layer on the grain. This layer preserves all the nutrients and ensures that they are not lost during cooking.

Taste and use of brown rice

Brown rice has a sweet aroma and a nice wholemeal flavour. It goes excellently with fish, meat and vegetables and in fried rice. Due to its strong bite, the loose grain gives a particularly pleasant feeling when chewing.

Wild rice

Wild rice is one of the healthiest rice varieties in the world – even though, strictly speaking, it is not rice at all. Wild rice is one of four species of Zizania grasses and is mainly found in North America. It looks like rice - but it is the seed of a Canadian wild grass and is generally referred to as water rice. It is rich in minerals and trace elements, contains particularly high levels of dietary fibre and high-quality protein. The protein content is even twice as high as that of white rice!

Not all wild rice is wholesome: huge plantations often use a lot of chemicals, so you should make sure to buy only organically grown wild rice.

Taste and use of wild rice

Wild rice gives your dish a slightly nutty flavour and a mellow tea note and goes perfectly with fish dishes. After cooking, the rice has a pleasantly firm bite. In combination with white long-grain rice varieties, it provides variety in the mouth.

Whole grain basmati rice

Many vitamins, fibre and above all the essential amino acids are contained in the peel of the rice grain. White rice varieties are polished and lose some of their important ingredients in the process. Whole-grain varieties, on the other hand, even help with digestion. Their high potassium content has a dehydrating effect and helps to purify. In addition, whole-grain like brown basmati rice rice fills you up faster because it swells further in the stomach. One thing is clear: whole-grain rice is one of the healthiest rice varieties in the world - whole-grain basmati rice is an absolute classic among the brown rice varieties. As a wholemeal variety, basmati rice has the advantage that the husk is still present. This means that it not only retains its dark colour, but also its important nutrients.

Taste and use of brown basmati rice

Whole grain basmati rice has a slightly earthy flavour of its own and in addition to its whole grain flavour, it also has the typical basmati taste. The rice is very versatile and goes well with fish, meat and vegetable dishes. This wholemeal rice is also characterised by its strong bite and its very loose grain structure.

Red rice

There are different varieties of red rice, whose grains differ from each other. Originally, red rice was grown in very clayey soil in France, which gave it its special colour. The colour does not advance the grain, so it is left unpeeled. However, there are also red rice varieties that already contain their red colour in the seed itself. Italian wholemeal Bio Rosso Integrale is one of them - it is naturally red, has not been artificially treated and still has its peel, adding the important minerals, vitamins and fibre. In addition, red rice has a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids, so-called "good fats". One thing is for sure: red rice is one of the healthiest types of rice.

Taste and use of red rice

Red rice has a particularly earthy flavour and is a true delicacy. With its strong whole-grain flavour, it goes exceptionally well with salads and stir-fry dishes. The rice is quite fluffy and adds a delicious crunch to any dish with its firm bite.


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