How To Clean A Wok

How To Clean A Wok

Woks can be very different - and this also affects how to clean them. To be able to clean the wok properly, you should first consider the question of what material it is made of. Cleaning a wok depends on the type of wok you own. Cast iron, carbon steel and aluminium woks need a different kind of care. Find out more about woks and the differences in washing them.

Cleaning your wok properly

Proper cleaning your wok is crucial for its longevity. In general, every wok should be cleaned before use to remove possible production and transport residues. So that you can cook delicious dishes from your wok in the long term, you should avoid improper cleaning. In general, do not use rough brushes, as these would unnecessarily irritate the wok. Pro tip: Many types of woks should not only be cleaned but also seasoned before they are used for the first time.

Wok cleaning guide

Clean cast iron woks

You should never wash your cast iron wok with washing-up liquid. It destroys the fat layer of the wok, which can cause food to burn more quickly. But how should you clean a cast iron wok then? The cast iron wok sould be cleaned with hot water and then be dried completely which is very important to to prevent rust. To prevent the food from burning quickly, there should always be a fat layer on the wok. To do this, apply a small amount of oil to the wok.

Clean stainless steel or aluminium woks

If you have treated yourself to a wok made of stainless steel or aluminium, cleaning the wok is very easy. Like cooking pots, they can be cleaned with washing-up liquid. High-quality woks, such as our Premium Wok, are even dishwasher safe.

How to clean coated woks

If you ask yourself how to clean a coated wok, we have good news for you. Cleaning a coated wok is kind of similar like the way to clean a coated pan. Use a non-scratching sponge and a mild washing-up liquid, as these woks are gentle to handle.