Benefits of a rice cooker

Benefits of a rice cooker

Rice cooker? Why should I buy a rice cooker? There are many good reasons. A rice cooker is a true all-rounder and can save you a lot of time and work in everyday life. We have compiled 9 benefits of a rice cooker that are guaranteed to convince you.

Pure rice enjoyment

Perfectly cooked rice

One of the elementary advantages of a rice cooker is definitely the quality of the cooked rice. The rice is gently cooked in the rice cooker using the swelling method. It absorbs all the water, retains important nutrients and can develop its unique flavour. With the conventional water method in the pot, the rice is cooked in water. When the liquid is poured off, important nutrients and flavour are getting lost.

No burnt or overcooked rice anymore

Cooking rice in a pot is not always that easy. Not paying attention for two seconds and the rice is burnt or totally overcooked. With a rice cooker, rice always turns out well. Why is that? The rice cooker switches off automatically after the cooking time is over. The coated inner pot also inhibits that the rice burns on the bottom. Before cooking, stick to the rice-water ratio so that the rice does not absorb too much water.

Save time

With a rice cooker, you don’t have to pay attention to the boiling rice all the time. Put the rice and water in the inner pot, add salt if needed and turn on the rice cooker. The last thing to do is wait fort he rice to be done! While the rice is cooking, you can chop vegetables, make your favourite sauce or just sit back and relax. With our digital rice cookers, you can even see how long the rice has to cook. When the cooking time is up, the rice cooker automatically switches the mode and keep the rice warm.

Always enjoy warm and fresh rice

A key advantage of a rice cooker is the keep warm function. The keep warm mode is especially useful if you decide to eat later or your guests are running late. Even if your loved ones arrive a few hours later, you can still serve perfectly cooked rice. With the rice cooker, you can also heat up rice that has already cooled down and enjoy it afterwards.

More than just cooking rice

Steam vegetables and meat

Another pro for a rice cooker: While the rice is boiling in the rice cooker, you can easily steam vegetables and meat at the same time. To steam your broccoli, pumpkin or chicken gently place it into the steamer insert and the rice cooker will steam all at the same time. You only need to keep an eye on how much time your vegetables or meat need.

Cooking soups and baking cakes

Why buy a rice cooker if you can only cook rice with it anyway? Because a rice cooker can do much more. Depending on the model, you can cook a wide variety of dishes which is a big benefit. Different modes allow you to cook quinoa or other grains in addition to rice. With our digital rice cooker, you can even cook soups and bake cakes. As you can see, rice cookers are true all-rounders and can really save you a lot of work.

Functional and affordable

Easy cleaning

You don’t like doing the dishes? Lucky you - cleaning rice cookers is very easy. The removable inner pot can be cleaned with a sponge, warm water and some dishwashing liquid. Another advantage ist hat the non-stick coating prevents burning in the inside so you have less washing up to do in the first place. And if you steam vegetables and meat in the rice cooker at the same time, you not only save time, but also water and nerves!

Protect the environment and save money

If you want to save money or do something good for the environment, a rice cooker is the right choice. After all, it is much more energy-efficient to cook rice in a rice cooker than to cook it in a pot. As you can see: the multifunctionality of most rice cookers is an absolute benefit! For the environment and your electricity bill.

Good value for money

If you want to save money, a rice cooker is the right choice for you. The multifunctionality of most rice cookers is a big benefit! Besides the money is worth it beacause the kitchen gadget takes a lot of work out of everyday life. Perfect rice in no time, without much effort and washing up.

Have we convinced you? Very good! Then find out now which rice cooker suits your preferences and will move in with you soon.