7 Advantages Of A Wok

7 Advantages Of A Wok

Are you thinking about getting a wok, but can't make up your mind? We have compiled the 7 most important advantages of a wok that will show you why and in which cases you should use a wok instead of a frying pan. This will make your decision easier!

The advantages of cooking in a wok

1. Quick preparation

A big advantage of cooking in a wok is that the preparation is very quick. Vegetables, fish and meat are added to the wok one by one, depending on the cooking time, and then fried in the wok for a short time at very high temperatures. The hottest part is in the centre of the pan.

2. Nutrients are preserved

Due to the very hot yet short frying in the wok, this cooking method has the advantage that many nutrients are retained in the food. With long cooking methods in pots or pans, many important nutrients, minerals and vitamins are often lost.

3. Crunchy vegetables

Another reason why you should use a wok instead of a frying pan: due to the short preparation time at a hot temperature, the vegetables always remain crunchy. In contrast to many frying pan and pot dishes, in which the vegetables often become soft, the vegetables in the wok retain their bite.

4. Low-fat cooking

When cooking in a wok, you don’t need a big amount of oil. This is because a wok is seasoned before use which gives it a natural protective layer, the patina. There are also other wok pans with a non-stick coating that helps to ensure that little oil is needed compared to frying in a pan. This reduces the amount of fat in the food compared to preparation in a frying pan. Heat-resistant oil with a high smoke point is particularly suitable for frying in a wok. Check out our post about the best wok oil.

5. Intelligent heat distribution

The heat distribution in a wok is very different from that of a conventional pan. This is particularly advantageous for the typical preparation methods in a wok. The temperature in a wok pan is highest in the centre. This means that the ingredients can be seared very easily in the middle of the pan. The edge of the wok is perfect for keeping fish, meat, vegetables or tofu warm while other ingredients are frying.

6. Easy handling

Handling the wok is easy even for newcomers behind the cooker which is another reason why you should use a wok instead of a frying pan. Due to the high walls, a wok has a high volume compared to a frying pan and thus has the advantage that nothing falls out of the pan when stirring and swirling. As with any frying pan, it takes a little practice to get the right swing.

7. Versatile preparation

One advantage of a wok is that, apart from stir-frying, you can cook any dish that you can prepare in a conventional frying pan. Both frying and deep-frying as well as steaming and braising are possible in a wok pan. Besides curries and fried rice, you can also create wonderful stews or soups.