Nori Sheets in Gold Quality
Nori Sheets in Gold Quality
Nori Sheets in Gold Quality
Nori Sheets in Gold Quality
Nori Sheets in Gold Quality

Nori Sheets in Gold Quality

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  • 😋 DISTINCTIVE TASTE - Our Nori Sheets for Sushi have a mild nutty taste with a fine sweetness. The gentle drying and roasting process gives the seaweed its pleasant roasting aroma.
  • 👌 HIGHEST QUALITY - Particularly fine "gold quality" with a smooth surface and a wonderful taste. In Japan the taste of high quality Nori is known as "umami".
  • 🍣 BEST PROPERTIES FOR SUSHI - The algae are so densely pressed that they do not soak through during filling and can be easily rolled. Perfect for tasty Sushi, whether it's Maki or California Rolls.
  • 👩‍🍳 SUSHI AT HOME - With our Nori seaweed leaves you can prepare Maki Sushi Japanese style at home. It is also great for Korean Gimbap, Salads or soups.
  • 🍤 IDEAL WITH - our Sushi Rice, Sushi Equipment Box or Sushi Serving Set made of bamboo.

Gold Quality

With algae leaves there are large differences in quality. In contrast to inferior Nori leaves of the quality grades "Green" and "Silver", our Nori leaves naturally have the best "Gold Quality".

This means they are particularly densely pressed, have a darker colour and a more intensive taste. This makes them particularly tear-resistant, as they do not soak through so quickly when filled.


The seaweed leaves are usually made of purple kelp or red algae. The harvested seaweed is crushed, dried, pressed paper-thin and finally roasted and seasoned at 200 degrees.

In the finished state they are then offered in various formats for the different types of sushi. Nori leaves, which are seasoned with soy sauce, are called Ajitsuke-Nori.

Well being

Reishunger Nori leaves are rich in vitamins. They also contain valuable minerals and trace elements such as potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and many more.

The trace elements contained in the Nori leaves increase well-being and have a positive effect on skin, hair, fingernails and connective tissue. They also contain a lot of protein.