Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice
Sushi Rice

Sushi Rice

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✔️ Premium quality rice from Italy
✔️ Ideal consistency for deliciously tasty sushi rice
✔️ Sticky & soft with a sweetish aroma of its own
✔️ 100% pure rice without any inferior foreign rice

More than 10 years of rice and rice cooker experts!

Our story of Reishunger begins in Bremen in the summer of 2010. "Starting a business - that would be something" were thoughts that popped up here and there in our student life, but always petered out due to a lack of seriousness and business ideas.

A question should eventually change that: Why did the most popular food in the world taste like cardboard with salt to us in Germany - something over which we always preferred pasta or potatoes? From his persian roots our co-founder, Sohrab, knew how radically different well prepared rice tasted. If you like, this question was our starting signal. Everything else quickly followed and our journey began with a search for answers.

The rice grains differed in colour, shape and taste. We found genuine Basmati rice from the Indian Himalayas, red rice from the French Camargue, black rice from the Italian Piemont and the creamy white Sadri rice from Iran. One thing was certain: we wanted to share our rice experience. The richness and quality of rice was one thing. But to show Europeans how to make good rice and cook amazing recipes in rice cookers had to be part of our mission. The idea was born and we couldn't get it out of our heads. The doubts were immense - rice on the internet? Who would buy that? Buying food on the internet was more the exception than the rule back then.

But why not be the first?


Our sushi rice has a fine sweet flavour of its own. It tastes best when refined with rice vinegar, salt and sugar. Whether you want to make maki, oshi, nigiri, temaki or onigiri on the go, our sushi rice from the "Selenio" variety has a fantastic taste for a wide variety of sushi creations.


Sushi rice belongs to the round grains. Our "Selenio" is characterised above all by its optimal starch content and its special treatment in the rice mill, especially washing and husking. Its characteristics make it the perfect sushi rice.


The cooked Sushi rice is sticky and soft. It almost melts in your mouth - simply heavenly!

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