The best rice for sushi

The best rice for sushi

In Japan, a dish without rice is not a proper meal. Likewise, sushi without sushi rice is not a Japanese speciality - we agree! Sushi rice has several characteristics that make it so special. We introduce you to the best sushi rice.


Japanese short-grain rice: For perfect sushi

Selenio - Perfect for Sushi

Sushi is probably one of the most famous things from Japan. This rolls out of shiny, sweet-tasting short-grain rice is also popular in Europe. Selenio sushi rice has an optimal starch content, so you can make sushi with a perfect consistency. It’s suitable for Maki, Oshi, Nigiri, Temaki or Onigiri.

Genuine Japanese seed

We have found out that the Japanese secretly like Sushi rice from Italy just as much as their own. Of course, we don't miss out on this and source our Asian short-grain rice from the best growing areas in Italy. The seeds belong to the Japonica family of Asian seeds, so our sushi rice remains genuine Asian rice.

The versatility of sushi rice

Japanese short-grain rice is often called sushi rice in Japan. In Japanese cuisine, however, it is used in almost all dishes. The Japanese love their rice pure and with only a little seasoning, so that the flavour of the individual ingredients is in the foreground.