Reishunger rice cooker review

Reishunger rice cooker review

In addition to the right quality of rice, it is of course just as important that the rice is prepared in such a way that it can develop its full flavour. And that's quite easy: with the right rice cooker. Our Reishunger rice cookers are multiple test winners and very popular with our customers. We'll show you what they can do and why we've been able to get so many people excited with our rice cookers. And it's not just us who regularly analyse our rice cookers to offer all rice fans the best cooking experience. Independent comparison portals and journalists also test our rice cookers again and again - and the reviews are consistently positive. We show you what the Reishunger rice cookers have to offer, and which one is the perfect choice for you.

For whom does a rice cooker make sense?

Quite simply, a rice cooker makes sense for every rice fan. But which rice cooker is the best choice for your personal needs? Not all rice cookers are the same. And not all rice fans are the same. There are many different rice cookers that are adapted to the different needs of their users. A single person naturally has different cooking habits than a small family. A small family, in turn, has different needs than a professional chef. And that's exactly why we at Reishunger have something for everyone: whether you want to prepare fluffy basmati rice, creamy rice pudding or sticky sushi rice.

You want to cook a whole dish in the rice cooker? No problem! It opens a multitude of culinary possibilities. At the same time, the rice cooker takes a lot of work off your hands and therefore makes perfect sense as a kitchen gadget.

The rice cooker review

Whether microwave rice cooker or digital rice cooker. The test results are clear: rice fans love our rice cookers. Several of our rice cookers have been named test winners on different portals. Would you like to buy a rice cooker, but can't decide between our product selection? In this review we show you our Reishunger rice cookers and tell you what you need to know about rice cookers and which model suits you best.

Simple rice cooker for the small purse

For all rice lovers who have little space and little budget. Those who simply want to cook rice but in a great quality. Does this apply to you? Then we have two great rice cookers for you.

The microwave rice cooker: Small, practical and a solid kitchen gadget for people with a small budget. Our microwave rice cooker cooks rice for up to 4 people. Thanks to the special air circulation system, the rice is cooked particularly gently. And in the best possible time: only 12 minutes in the microwave and the rice is ready. The best thing is that the microwave rice cooker can be washed in the dishwasher.

    The basic rice cooker for beginners

    The basic rice cooker receives top reviews from Reishunger customers and has already been named a bestseller by the German magazine “Stern”. It is perfect for everyone who can’t live without perfect cooked rice but doesn't want to invest too much money.

    Basic rice cooker: With the basic rice cooker, you can cook a wide variety of rice types, e.g., fluffy basmati rice, full-bodied wholemeal rice, or sticky sushi rice. A perfect appliance for beginners! Our basic rice cooker has a high-quality double non-stick coated inner pot that prevents annoying burning. The keep-warm function keeps the rice warm and fresh for up to 8 hours. With a capacity of 1.2 litres, you can feed up to 6 of your loved ones with the basic rice cooker from Reishunger.

    Modern mini rice cooker for singles and small kitchens

    Do you love rice, stylish kitchen appliances, simple operation, and intuitive programme selection? The only problem you always have is your limited kitchen space? Then we have the right rice cooker for you!

    Mini Digital Rice Cooker: Our Mini Digital Rice Cooker has a digital and very intuitive operation. In 8 specially designed modes, you can prepare any type of rice: From basmati rice to whole grain rice to Persian tahdig with extra crispy rice crust. With a capacity of 0.6 litres, you can prepare up to 3 portions of rice. In a comparison of 20 rice cookers, our digital mini rice cooker came out as the test winner and was praised for its good price-performance ratio. Convince yourself!

    Premium digital rice cooker aka "The all-rounder"

    For all those who just can't get enough of rice. Those who like to experiment and like to try out new dishes.

    May we introduce: Our pride and joy, the Reishunger Digital Rice Cooker. Our kitchen all-rounder has a filling volume of 1.5 litres, so you can not only effortlessly cook up to 8 portions of rice - you can also try out new things. Thanks to the 12 practical programmes, you can prepare different types of rice, quinoa and bulgur, soups as well as steamed vegetables and cake quickly and easily. Our rice cooker has 7 different heat phases and cooks the rice evenly with full flavour and perfect consistency. This not only ensures a fantastic taste, but also preserves valuable nutrients.

    A direct comparison of our rice cookers

    You're not quite sure yet and would like to compare all the important facts again? No problem! Take a look at a direct comparison of our most popular rice cooker models.