Different types of rice

Different types of rice

There are countless different types of rice all over the world. The individual varieties differ in size, consistency, and taste. The variety is huge and the possibilities of preparation endless. On many journeys, we have been able to get to know the most diverse types of rice and have put together a fine selection that perfectly represents the diversity of rice. From classics like basmati rice to specialities like black rice: we give you an overview of our rice varieties and what makes each one so special.

Classic rice varieties

Basmati rice

Basmati rice is a long grain rice from the himalayan mountains and an absolute classic among rice varieties. We adhere to the "Code of Practice on Basmati" for our Basmati rice, which ensures that the grains come from the foot of the Himalayan mountains, are at least 6.6 mm long and contain less than 7% foreign rice. Basmati rice has a typical earthy basmati aroma and an extra-long, loose grain. It is the ideal accompaniment to curry dishes, dals and in rice pans.

Jasmine rice

One of the different types of rice is Jasmine rice. Jasmine rice is a fragrant rice and a long grain rice from the northeast of Thailand. It is one of the most popular rice varieties worldwide. Jasmine rice has a floral aroma and, unlike basmati rice, a rather soft, slightly sticky grain. Our jasmine rice is generally free of perfume and has a naturally flowery note. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to currys, fish, meat and vegetables.

Whole grain rice varieties

Brown Rice

Brown rice is a wholemeal and can belong to the medium or long grain rice varieties. The special feature of brown rice is that it is not peeled and therefore still contains many nutrients. It has a strong, slightly sweet flavour and a firm, loose grain. The brown rice is very good as a side dish with fish, meat and vegetables or in a wholemeal risotto.

Whole grain basmati rice

The wholemeal Basmati rice is a long grain rice with a slightly earthy flavour from cultivation in India. Because it is unpeeled, its grains also have a typical wholemeal flavour and are very fluffy and firm to the bite. The peel of the brown rice also contains many nutrients.

Whole grain jasmine rice

In contrast to the whole grain Basmati rice, brown Jasmine rice has a slightly flowery-nutty aroma with a light bite. The unpeeled long grain fills the room with a flowery fragrance even while cooking. For your next Thai curry, you should go for the whole grain version of jasmine rice. Simply heavenly!

For rice specialities

Risotto Rice

Risotto rice can be a short grain rice or a medium grain rice. For us, the perfect risotto rice is a Carnaroli from Italy – this rice variety is quite large for a medium grain, which prevents the risotto from becoming. On the contrary, a good risotto rice always remains a little firm to the bite. The difference to a long grain rice is the high starch content, which gives the risotto a nice creamy consistency. This makes it the perfect rice for risotto dishes.

Paella rice

Paella rice is another rice variety with special properties. Short grain rice is often used for a typical Spanish paella. The short grain is soft, firm to the bite and slightly sweet, but still retains its fluffiness during cooking. Paella rice has a rather mild flavour of its own and has the advantage of being able to absorb intense flavours very well. This makes it the perfect base for the Spanish rice dish. The rice is also great for risotto or stews.

Sushi rice

For delicious sushi variations, short grain rice is the right choice. Most of the sushi rice you can buy is made from original Japanese seeds and comes from Italy. Here you find the optimal growing conditions for Sushi rice. With its fine sweetish aroma and its sticky-soft grain, it is perfect for all kinds of sushi specialities. Seasoned with a little rice vinegar, sugar and salt, it is perfect for rolling and shaping sushi or as a base in a Poké Bowl.

Special rice varieties

Red rice

Red rice? That's right! Red Rice is a long grain with an earthy whole grain flavour and a special red colour. This colour is not added afterwards but is already in the genetic material of the rice grains. The red whole grain rice is fluffy, has a firm bite and goes great with fish, meat and vegetables.

Black Rice

Black rice is another type of rice. it is very firm to the bite and fluffy. The colour is also in the peel and the unhusked wholemeal rice is therefore naturally black. It is perfect in salads or wraps. But our black rice is also a highlight as a side dish or in rice pans.

Sadri Rice

Sadri rice is a valuable long grain rice from Iran with a floral inherent aroma and a loose, soft and creamy grain. Sadri rice has a centuries-old tradition and is cultivated in the north of Iran. In its uncooked state, its grains are already about 7 mm long. Sadri rice is perfect with fish, meat, vegetables and of course specialities such as Persian tahdig.

Cooking rice perfectly every time

Digital rice cooker

Different types of rice are also cooked differently. In addition to the perfect rice-water ratio, the duration and temperature are also very important when cooking rice. What we can therefore warmly recommend to all rice fans: A digital rice cooker. With it, you always have perfectly cooked rice - at the touch of a button! With our digital rice cooker, you can choose from 12 different modes and prepare different types of rice like basmati rice, sushi rice or jasmine rice easily and at the touch of a button. And that's not all: vegetables can be steamed easily and even whole dishes are possible with this kitchen all-rounder. Rice for a large family? No problem! With a filling volume of 1.5 litres, you can feed up to 8 people.

Mini digital rice cooker

We also have a great option for small appetites. With our Mini digital rice cooker, you can cook up to 3 portions of rice at the same time. With a choice of 6 different colours, it's also a real eye-catcher in the kitchen.