Calories of 100 g cooked rice

Calories of 100 g cooked rice

If you are looking for the calorie information of cooked rice, you probably won't find it on rice packaging. Here you can usually see all the information for uncooked rice. But why is there a difference between raw and cooked rice and how many calories are in 100 g of cooked rice? We have the answer!

Not all rice is the same

It is difficult to give an exact number of calories for rice, because not all rice is the same! There are countless varieties of rice worldwide - at Reishunger alone you will find over 20 different types of rice. These rice varieties differ not only in taste, but also in their properties and calories. That's why we're talking about average values in this article.

Calories of cooked and uncooked rice - weight matters

Why does cooked rice have fewer calories?

Cooked rice has fewer calories than raw rice for one simple reason: Cooked rice is heavier than raw rice. If you weigh out 100 g of your favourite uncooked rice and then cook it, it could quickly become 200-300 g of cooked rice. So the weight can double or even triple. The number of calories always depends on the type of rice. 100 g Jasmine rice does not have the same number of calories as 100 g Sushi rice.

That is why cooked rice is heavier

100 g of uncooked rice has 350 calories on average. 100 g of cooked rice has only 120 kcal on average. Why is that? During cooking, the rice absorbs the water. So if you use 100 g of cooked rice for your dish, this portion has significantly fewer rice grains and more water than the same amount of rice in its raw state. The volume and weight of the rice increases - but the calories remain the same because water has no calories.